In Home Personal Training Videos

The following videos are example exercises that are great to do on your own or with a partner.

This exercise works muscular endurance in the legs, core and hand strength. Very challenging on the nervous system. This is a great exercise for balance and hand strength. The medicine ball weighs 10 lbs.

Filmed at Puckmasters Glenview. Summer camp at Puckmasters kids try to steal the puck from the coaches. TAKE THE BODY!

This exercise works predominately the core, teaching stability in explosive movements and deceleration. The goal of this exercise is to be able to utilize the core when off balance. The athlete is being pulled in two different directions and needs to stabilize in unpredictable environments.

A. Lateral raise on the smart board with smart toner. Single Leg curl w/Stability ball.

Extreme balance working legs, core shoulders/rotator cuff. This is a great exercise for core with the athlete doing opposite movements this uses extreme balance and a large amount of stabilization. This exercise is not for everyone you need to work up to this.

B. Single leg curl stability ball.

This exercise works the hamstring, gleuts and lower back. This is another great exercise for stability and the neglected hamstrings.