Stretching and Massage Therapy

This forty-five min or one hour session is a unique blend of stretching, massage therapy along with corrective exercises to help rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit. In this session we will identify tight muscles, weak muscles and start the process of correcting these imbalances. During this process we will help you achieve a safe path to an active lifestyle. After the session you will receive basic exercises you can do on your own that will allow you to get back to, or start up a proper and safe exercise program.

After one session you will be able to start a basic exercise program to reestablish strength in the body that is normally neglected. This session will help the body manage stress and help put you on track to a healthy lifestyle. Besides feeling better you will have the confidence to start up your exercise program or progress with your current exercise while drastically reducing your risk for injury. Call to make an appointment. You have the option of coming to our studio in Glenview or request a trainer come to your house.

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